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My Letter to NDTV

NDTV made a huge fuss yesterday regarding Vaiko’s Speech about Bloodbath in Tamilnadu. They claimed it as an election time speech. Pranoy Roy even compared it with Varun Gandhi’s speech. That’s the ignorance of these people about Tamilnadu Politics. During Election time every thing has to be election rhetoric. Vaiko has been making such speeches for years and this is not the first time he said these words.

More than Vaiko, these channnels which are starved of Sensitive news have to catch on something to keep saying it 24×7

I sent a feedback to NDTV. I know it will be trashed. But i thought i have to register my protest and blog it here. I sent an email in a polite language. Here is the letter

Dear Sir,

As your Channel Name suggests, you are a New Delhi Television Channel who knows nothing about what’s happening in Chennai. Vaiko did not voice the issue for getting votes. He voiced it for the Plight of Sri Lankan Tamils and also out of Frustration due to Indian Government’s tactical support to Sri Lanka in its Genocidal war against Tamils.

You have to get Opinions about TamilNadu Affairs from the different sections of Society instead of just getting from the Hindu Editor Mr.N.Ram. Mr.Ram is one of the best journalists of this country. But at the same time every one has their own bias and Mr.Ram is biased towards the Sri Lankan side in this issue. You can cross check various records and note the fact that he is the Only Indian journalist who was given the Sri Lanka Ratna award for his extensive service to that country. That itself shows how biased he is in this issue

So, next time get some different perspectives on TamilNadu affairs instead of Sticking to Cho and N.Ram who does not even represent the view points of Tamils

Houston, USA



7 thoughts on “My Letter to NDTV

  1. I dont think there is any point writing to NDTV or for that matter to any channel. Media is more interested in investigating about Priyanka Chopra’s boy friends, Issues between Bipasha Basu and John Abraham than talking about the genocide in Srilanka.

    In the current scenario, immediate ceasefire is the first step.

    Posted by அன்புட ன் பாலா | April 10, 2009, 1:48 am
  2. Bala,

    I know it’s not going to matter.

    I am an ordinary powerless person. What else i can do ?

    I felt i have to do something. That something is only my writing, Spreading awareness about this problem among my friends and other, donating for the suffering people.

    That’s what i am doing now…

    Posted by Sasi | April 10, 2009, 7:57 pm
  3. Sasi,

    Good. Even though these guys never learn, we can never stop telling them.

    Posted by Kasi | April 13, 2009, 11:36 am
  4. It is a right effort sasi. Whenever and wherever possible, let us put forward the correct information, especially with mass media. Looking beyond N. Ram and Cho is the need of the hour and may be Tehelka need to be cited here.

    Posted by Balaji-paari | April 13, 2009, 1:12 pm
  5. This is the right way though we knew it may not have a big impact. I was thinking that I belong to India years ago. When it helped srilankan govt’s genocide and trashing 60 million Thamil feelings I understand the Indian Union is good for nothing high time we should get out of the Indian Union built by the British 60 years ago. These news channels will NEVER publish the sufferings of Thamils in Eelam. All these years if you look at the Indian Union news they hardly carry any news about what is going on for Thamils. They will publish news like srilankan defense department. Let them have it. It is an eye-opener for many Thamils who contribute more to the Indian to understand the ‘ugly’ reality! நான் தமிழன் மட்டுமே!

    Posted by Velmurugan | April 18, 2009, 11:08 am
  6. yeah sasi,
    we won’t be able to impress our views to these
    north indian news channels.they have colour blindness
    any news in the hindi speaking region is considered
    by these channels as national news and other news are considered as regional and does not deserve importance
    now onwards tamils should think only about welfare of tamils and unity of tamils

    Posted by balamurugan | April 21, 2009, 5:30 pm
  7. Hi Sasi,
    Have read many of your tamil blogs..
    started reading ur english blogs..

    //I am an ordinary powerless person. What else i can do ?//

    Atleast you are doing something by writing a protest letter to NDTV…
    and this protest letter to NDTV is really welcome..
    I second your thought..

    These north indian media channels doesnt even understand what is going on in TN..and they get commments from the people like Cho,Subramanian swamy
    who are considered as mere jokers in TN..

    A sikh who is miles away from us has written an excellent article on tamil eelam issue in world sikh news website..


    It is pathetic to know we have sinhala stooges like Hindu N.Ram in TN who shamelessly spearhead the propoganda of SL which is waging a genocidal war on tamils..

    I am one of those human being who is helpless
    and I am a mute spectator to the genocide of tamils in srilanka by SL army…

    I am ashamed that my country India is directly complicit in this genocide of tamils..

    This lady from Italy should atleast think the people
    being killed in SL as human beings..


    Posted by Senthil Kumar | May 7, 2009, 6:13 pm

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