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Terrorists and Freedom Fighters

CNN IBN Live has a pathetic Story about Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka’s comment about Tamil Nadu Political leaders (Link to the IBN Live Story).

IBN Live did not comment anything about the General’s statement that the Tamil Nadu Politican’s are jokers. But it is worried about handing over the pink slip to the editor of state run Sunday Observer. Handing the Pink Slip to an Newspaper editor itself is a pathetic act by Sri Lanka. If it has to give pink slip for this incident, it has to give it to the Army General. Army General’s don’t make political statements in a Democratic Government. But Sri Lanka has made a poor state-run “yes man” editor as a Scapegoat.

IBN Live did not have any comments about Fonseka’s inappropriate comment, but it is worried about a friendly country called “Sri Lanka”

CNN IBN is coming up with this story line after its Southern Pro-Sri Lankan Friends such as “Hindu” N.Ram and Thuglak Cho.Ramaswamy  failed miserably in Tamil Nadu in their efforts to link Eelam Tamil problem with Mumbai Terrorist attacks

CNN IBN has to understand that “Sri Lanka” may be a friendly country to India, but not to the People of Tamil Nadu. The majority section of the people in Tamil Nadu as evident in the recent survey by Anandha Vikatan, Indian Express and Kumudam have accepted LTTE as Freedom Fighters. Sri Lanka is widely held responsible for the Genocide of Tamil people in Tamil Eelam and Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is already in “Genocide Red Alert” watch list. New York-based Genocide Prevention Project in a report has included Sri Lanka as one of the eight “red alert” countries where genocide and other mass atrocities are underway or risk breaking out. And the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) is the perperator of this heinous crime againt innocent Tamil people.

So, calling LTTE as terrorists and asking India to Support a “so called friendly” country Sri Lanka is in  itself a double standard by CNN IBN. If we have to oppose Terrorism, we need to Oppose the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) and its state terrorism.

There is a difference between Terrorists and Freedom Fighters. The Islamic Fundamentalists who attacked Mumbai are terrorists. But LTTE is fighting for creating a Separate state for the Tamil People of Tamil Eelam. Tamil people are brutalised by the Sri Lankan Government Armed Forces. No other country bombs their own people using Fighter Planes, Multi Barrel Rocket Launchers and artilleries. Only Sri Lanka does that. LTTE is up against the Sri Lankan State Terrorism.

Even USA’s next Secretary of State Hillary has said in an interview about the difference between Islamic Terrorism and Freedom Movement

Well, I believe that terrorism is a tool that has been utilized throughout history to achieve certain objectives. Some have been ideological, others territorial. There are personality- driven terroristic objectives. The bottom line is, you can’t lump all terrorists together. And I think we’ve got to do a much better job of clarifying what are the motivations, the raisons d’être of terrorists. I mean, what the Tamil Tigers are fighting for in Sri Lanka, or the Basque separatists in Spain, or the insurgents in al-Anbar province may only be connected by tactics. They may not share all that much in terms of what is the philosophical or ideological underpinning. And I think one of our mistakes has been painting with such a broad brush, which has not been particularly helpful in understanding what it is we were up against when it comes to those who pursue terrorism for whichever ends they’re seeking

So, there is a clear distinction when it comes to terrorism in India by Islamic Fundamentalists and Freedom Movements like LTTE in Sri Lanka.

One of the major problem with the states like India and Sri Lanka is to classify all the Armed Non-state actors as Terrorists to malign their movement. But history has showed that Armed movement is a genuine form of Freedom struggle. Even in Indian Freedom Struggle Nethaji Subash Chandra Bose, Bhaghat Singh and many others chose an Armed way for Freedom Struggle while Gandhi took a Non-Violent Approach

That being said, i am not saying that LTTE did not carry out cany terrorist activities. What i am saying is, we have to look at the motive of the organization. LTTE’s motive is to create a separate Tamil Eelam for the Tamil people. Whereas the Islamic Fundamentalists don’t have such motives. Their main interest is to destabilise the western powers, which is being characterized as the war between civilizations (Jihad).

So, there is a fundamental difference between groups such as LTTE and Islamic Fundamentalist groups



5 thoughts on “Terrorists and Freedom Fighters

  1. Sasi:
    I understand your feelings regarding LTTE. Since I am from Thanjavur, I was able to hear more about the Genocide in Lanka. There were enough support for LTTE in 1980’s. What started as a freedom movement, has really gone different direction. We all can argue about status of LTTE. But don’t you think assasination of Sri Rajiv was a massive mistake? Not only Rajiv but even that of Premadasa. They just cannot go on killing leaders. To this day even the Kashmiri militants have not killed a politician of Mr Rajiv’s rank. What kind of image will the Indian and International community hold of LTTE? Sasi, Tamilnadu is in INDIA and not the other way around. If Tamilnadu is a different country, then no one will bother.
    If that has not happened, we will never have to explain anything to anyone about LTTE. The media will not even bother about Tamils in Lanka. That is the sad truth. Just as no one bothered about Taliban till 911. Personally I have argued so much for them during college days in North India. Then came the shock on May 21,1991.

    In that one night, the Genocide of many years went to the background. You very well know the atrocities in 70’s, 80’s and after 1991 being conducted on Tamils. We have to accept the fact that LTTE was also very much responsible for this situation. SriLanka escaped for all the sins on that night.

    LTTE were designated as terrorist group only after that day. If you are the CM of Tamilnadu, would you have banned LTTE or given them the support? All armed movements have gone towards assasinations including all communist revolutions. That is the sad truth.

    Posted by Krishna | April 28, 2009, 7:31 pm
  2. Dear Krishna,

    Since you are from Thanjavur, I hope you know about the atrocities committed by the Indian Peace Keeping Force in Tamil Eelam. But as much as you talk about Rajiv how come you ignore hundreds of Tamils who perished at the hands of the Indian Peace Keeping Force. How many young women were raped by the Indian Army ? How can we ignore the sufferings of the people during that period. Is one Man’s life more precious than thousands of Tamils ? What kind of thinking it is ?

    Do you know about Point Pedro Massacre committed by Indian Army? It is comparable to the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre. Indian Express has documented the atrocities committed by the IPKF. See this article


    Indian Medias keep talking about one side of the story which is not true. If you look at the causes and reasons for the Tamils problem, it is India which messed up the problem from 1980s.

    One man’s Freedom Fighter is another man’s Terrorist. Bhagat singh is a freedom fighter for you. For British Imperialists he was a Terrorist.

    Pirabakaran is a Terrorist for India. But for Tamils he is a freedom fighter

    Posted by Sasi | April 29, 2009, 12:02 am
  3. Dear Sasi:

    Thank you for the reply. You seem to have missed my point.

    I am no one to ignore what IPKF did. I am not tying to take country based stance. But my point is by killing Mr Rajiv what did LTTE acheive?
    /* Is one Man’s life more precious than thousands of Tamils ? What kind of thinking it is ? */
    Mr Rajiv Gandhi is just not one person. He is a leader for huge population of the people. People have every right to feel for Mr Rajiv.
    Is killing Mr Rajiv the solution for what IPKF did?

    Sasi, please do not question my thinking. I am a nobody. But India as a nation is some identity.
    You may not like India at all, but still you cannot ignore India in this issue of Tamil Eelam. If you ignore India then you would never have written any of the detailed blog.

    You are a very deep thinker as evident from your detailed blogs over the years. So, I am surprised that you could not see the essence of my blog entry.
    Tamils are the one who is fighting. It is they who need the solution. India is already free and so it is LTTE that must have thought about everything before taking on Mr Rajiv. My reply is in that context only. We are not here to discuss deaths alone, but the way forward has totally stalled.

    What is the Goal of LTTE and how did this assasination assisted them in getting to that Goal?

    Sasi we have to see the practical situation. What do you think India must have done after Mr Rajiv’s assasination? Every action will have a reaction.
    Do you really expect India to justify Mr Rajiv’s murder and continue to supply arms to LTTE?

    Do you know Pirabhakaran’s intention in killing Mr Rajiv? In my opinion he wanted to eliminate India from the equation. He was confident of victory agianst the Lankans.

    Yes I also agree that Genocide must be stopped.

    You are all saying India messed it up. In my view, they messed up by giving arms to LTTE. If India cannot take direct confrontation with Sri Lanka, they must have taken it to international forum and actively participated with the Tamil Eelam political leadership.

    What do you think India’s role should be? Your various blogs did not specify anything as way forward just like the Tamilnadu Politician. Infact none of us know what LTTE wants from India, if at all any. Is he in contact with anyone? Where was his political leadership in the last 18 years? You are convinced about the murder of Mr Rajiv? Why the LTTE political leadership could not convince the world of their actions and how that is necessary for the freedom movement?

    I hope you will share your detailed thoughts just as your detailed blog. Something needs to be done. But what is that something? No one seems to know and again and again innocent life is lost.


    Posted by Krishna | April 29, 2009, 10:53 am
  4. Dear Sasi:

    I read your most recent blog in kalugu.com and I understand your feelings. But brother, you must write the way forward as you have the power of language and ability to write in detail. If you write it in English, it will be easy to pass it on. Again I am a small guy. It is important the reality reaches many more people.

    Again and again I would stress only one thing. What is happening now in Lanka was very well known to all politician in TN. They are busy in power struggle. Yes your words may not reach the TN politicians and Indian Government, but will change the blogsphere which is filled with useless discussions and none of them shows the way forward.

    I am reading your Tamil blog on Kashmir, but now may not be the moment to comment.

    Posted by Krishna | April 29, 2009, 1:39 pm
  5. Dear Sasi:

    I followed up the Eelam issue after I wrote the above comments in your blog. 1980’s have returned with a vengeance for the SL monster.
    My opinion is you need not explain to idiots in NDTV and all. Keep projecting the truth and taht will do the trick.
    Your line “That being said, i am not saying that LTTE did not carry out cany terrorist activities” can be dropped from your blog if possible. Because the situation is very very bad for people. My intellectual discussion serves no purpose. Past is Past. So many things could have been done, but then …..
    SL is on target with the plans to wipe out Tamils and Ananda Vikatan has published news to that effect.

    Somehow it must be stopped.

    Posted by Krishna | April 30, 2009, 6:57 pm

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