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Does India wants action ??

After the Mumbai Attack, Media is crying with slogans like “Enough is Enough”, “India Wants Action” etc., Mean while people who voted in the Assembly elections did not even care about Mumbai attacks. All they need is their everyday bread and butter. When prices of food items are at peak, no one has time to worry about the causes and action for Mumbai attack except the Media elites and Urban people who don’t have much to worry about except watching TV and debate about it…

As much as the carnage, it is nonsense to talk about “action” which always means an Armed Action similar to what USA did in Afghanistan after the 9/11. Whatever USA did, we have to understand that India is not USA and Pakistan is not Taliban. Pakistan is a Nuclear state with equal Military power like India. India is not USA. India’s Military myth got exposed by its poor home land security and Intelligence.

Pakistan itself is being targeted by the Terrorists. Pakistan is paying the price for developing the Islamic extremism by  its own politicians, ISI, Army and others. Even today the Moderate Pakistan is trying to get away from the Islamic extremism. Same situation in India also, where Moderate India is trying to get away from the Saffron Terrorists and Islamic Fundamentalists

So, it makes no sense to keep raising the slogan “Enough is Enough”. People who raise this slogan will be happy if India targets positions in Pakistan. But what they don’t understand is this will raise Anti-India sentiments in Pakistan and will help the Islamic Fundamentalists Agenda to destabilise Pakistan. A Moderate and Democratic Pakistan is the need of the  hour. Targeting Pakistan is not going to help anyone including India. Any action by India will have negative consequences for peace in the region.

Indian Media is always trying to create an illusion about Public Opinion.  The 24×7 channels are watched by a minority section of the Indian Population. So, even if the entire 100% of the TV Audience accepts the channels position, it hardly represents a handful percentage of the Indian Population.

In spite of this fact, Indian Media using its TV Audience as a Base creating the hype that entire India Needs Action. More than Action against Pakistan, entire India need affordable food, primary education and health care.

If Media really cares for the country, they should talk about the poor who are suffering in the small towns and villages. They even overlooked the Flood Situation in the rest of the country when they were covering the 5 star hotels such as Taj and Oberoi. That is the pathetic state of Indian Media.



3 thoughts on “Does India wants action ??

  1. Hi Sasi

    Just by reading first 3 or 4 lines I came to know what a pathetic thinking you have. You see no soul in those who lost there lives. Your suggesstion is what Politicians want because thats what they hoped for. Its a shame that just because Pakistan has nuke then we shouldn’t be taking any furhter action. What kind of idiot you are?
    If you observe cosely the situations then your dumb mind might understand the connections between Navy>Politics>Terror>Elections>BombBlast
    If you want to see it from USA prospective then we all know that 9/11 was planned and staged by US itself. If this is any surprise to you then you I’m afraid you are not born yet.
    Media: Indian media is as corrupt as our politics because they run by moughals who are representing politicians. So just by them telling us Enough is Enough is not what you should think of. Think what, why and how to end this matter once and for all. We are not going to get any veto in UNO anyway neither US/France/China will alow us to use it so why we bother.
    International pressure: We should not bold ourselves againt US /UNO pressure just because we are Indians aka under developing countries. We are self suficient. Who is the loser in credit curnch, countries like us where people have invested in baks which are not worth. Anyway no point me giving you eco lesson.
    On the last note; I can only say your Blog would have different lines if one of your members were in that Hotel and you have to cry for him/her afterwards. Then your blog would have completely different story in it.

    Peace is for those who respect it; after 50 years of our peace what have learnt?

    If you want to contact me your are not welcome.

    Posted by Aaekas | December 10, 2008, 2:43 am
  2. Aaekas,

    Why Should i contact you ? I don’t want to contact any Saffron or Muslim Fundamentalists or Fundamentalists of any kind…

    Thanks for bullshitting in my blog 🙂

    Posted by Sasi | December 10, 2008, 10:33 am
  3. Dear Sasi:

    I agree with you on this. Wars and arms are no solution generally and in this case specifically. Only thing that India can do is wait fo Pakistan to change in their approach towards militants in their region and that in effect help the peace process.


    Posted by Krishna | April 29, 2009, 10:58 am

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