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Indian unity at stake if Tamil issue is not resolved

I read an interview by CPI leader D.Pandian on the Eelam Tamil’s issue and India’s neglect of the genuine grievances of the Tamil Nadu People.

Some of the Lines from this interview (Courtesy : Sundayleader.lk)

Q. But, there has been at least some positive response to the claims made by Mr. Karunanidhi.

 A. The mindset of Delhi is against the Tamil people. Not only Rajapakse, but Manmohan Singh also has a closed mindset.

 Q. Is that because of the murder of Former Prime Minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi?

 A. What did they do in Tamil Nadu or in India after that murder? For your information, just to refresh your memory, I was the most seriously injured man in that blast. Because I was next to him. I should not respond to any issue subjectively simply because I was wounded or hurt. That is not the way. Innocent people are being slaughtered. Is it not a fact? Why don’t you allow the media to go there?

 When we want to send relief materials, we clearly stated that we do not want to send any politician or our volunteers to accompany the goods. We said that religious leaders will be sent to watch, supervise and console those affected people. Why is it that both, the Indian government and the Sri Lankan government, which prays to Lord Buddha had not responded to that request?

 Q. Mr. Pandian you made a very important and significant statement when you said that the people of Tamil Nadu are beginning to realise their status in the union of India is in question, because of the lack of response to the resolution by the Tamil Nadu state Assembly. Where would this situation lead to in Tamil Nadu?

 A. That is what we are really afraid of. As a disciplined political party due to our ideology and commitments, I may not speak for separation or division of India. But, not my son. I can’t prevent my son from speaking about it or taking up the flag. Wherever I go and meet the college students, high school students, industrialists, workers, despite all these differences, they are unanimous in one voice that our government should speak on our behalf.

 Are we requesting the Indian government to send the army to subjugate Sri Lanka? No. Did we ever request the Indian government to throw bombs on Sri Lanka? Never. We are only requesting them to stop the war. What elementary demand can be there other than this?




One thought on “Indian unity at stake if Tamil issue is not resolved

  1. Mr. Pandian, take a few minutes to investigate the history of this conflict in Sri Lanka. There have been a few instances in the past when the Sri Lankan military was on the verge of defeating LTTE. What happened? The international pressure forced Sri Lankan government at power those times to enter into a ceasefire agreement. In one occasion the Indian Military intervened. You know what happened. LTTE fought the Indian forces – shit on the plate that food was offered! On other occasions the LTTE bought time to re-arm and train their fighters. History is very clear on this. Now when the LTTE is cornered yet again you want the Indian government to bail them out. This is nothing but a broken record. When LTTE is proscribed by so many countries there is no chance for the international community to come to their support. If they were willing they would have come to LTTE’s help by now. VP made this bed and now it is time to lay in it.

    Posted by Natham Elam | January 3, 2009, 4:27 am

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