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Assembly Elections 2008

Congress and BJP have shared the 2008 Assembly Elections. Media is projecting this as a congress victory since the victory was achieved after the Mumbai Blasts. The media expected congress to get trounced comprehensively. However congress somehow managed to get Delhi and got Rajasthan and Mizoram through anti-incumbency factor. So, it is being hailed as a congress victory. 

But what the media never understands is the fact that Mumbai blasts has no place in people’s election decision. It might influence decision of the Middle class people in the cities and major towns. But for rural people it’s their bread and butter that matters most.

Usually the state governments take the hit in any major anti-incumbency wave and that is what has happened in Rajasthan and Mizoram where congress has won. In Delhi it is a surprise, probably because of the Charisma of Sheila Dikshit which helped congress. Given that Delhi and Mizoram are small states, this victory is not going to help Congress in the next year General Elections

BJP will have an advantage in next year’s General Election. But they have to sit back and think about their Strategy. Mayawathi’s BSP has raised as a force in Delhi and Rajasthan. In fact BSP got a huge share of the BJP’s vote in Delhi and Rajasthan which has affected BJP’s prospects.

Given that there is a strong mood both against Congress and BJP in various states, it won’t be a surprise, if BSP-Left combine with a coalition of Regional parties emerge as a major alternative to congress and BJP. The funny and important factor here is, the third front has to just deny a comprehensive victory for Congress and BJP. If they do that, they can easily form the next government with the help of Congress. Congress will have no other alternative than to support the third front from the outside to keep BJP out of Power.

I would really like to see Maywathi taking over the Prime Ministership of India. We should end the Congress and BJP era and bring in the Dalit-Left-Regional Parties into Main Stream Indian Politics.



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